What is the Mother Lode Dream Center?

Simply put, the Mother Lode Dream Center is a place where kid’s dreams ignite. The Center is an bold dream that sprung from Project Feed Our Kids. The Project is helping many area kids achieve their best in elementary school by providing a wholesome meals through out the year. Without proper nutrition and support, children cannot fully develop their minds or bodies. But then what? The need to provide a future does not end at graduation.

Budget cuts have strapped area schools to the point where many kids graduate high school only with skills to qualify for minimum wage jobs. While the schools do a wonderful job with the budgets and resources given, there is a need not being met. This is where Mother Lode Dream Center fills in the gaps. We will partner with area businesses and mentors to teach kids of all ages valuable and employable skills to break the poverty cycle.

The Path Forward

The Center will be a multi phase project. Initially there will be a Performing Arts Center, restaurant and Ag department. The three areas will work together to grow food to serve in the restaurant for guests of of the Performing Arts Center. From that core a town will spring up with various business such as a newspaper, bank, auto shop, and more for kids to get hands on experience both with the skills for a trade, and the business side of it as well.

We look forward to working with businesses and individuals to make this grand vision a reality – won’t you join us?


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Please contact us with any questions you may have!